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Yes, it's time for another BIG contest! Hope everyone enters! :D

The Shino/Tenten Alternate Universe Fanfiction and Fanart Contest.

The Rules are simple-

* It must be your own work (We would like to make it clear we don't consider redrawing exsisting ShinoTen fanart to be your own may reference mange and anime shots but not other people's fanart)
* It must be an origanal piece, something you haven't posted before
* It must contain the main contest theme 'alternate universe' (but this can be in *any* way you want however little or obscure- you could set Shino and Tenten in another manga like Bleach, or draw them in a normal high school or even draw future versions of them from the current Naruto timeline! It could even be something else about them you changed- maybe genderbend them? The skies the limit! ^__^ ) Remember origanality counts! EDIT: I've been leinant with this so far but PLEASE make your entry in some way AU!
* You don't have to be a member of this FC to join This contest is open to anyone ^__^
* Fanfiction can be any genre (angst, romance, humor)
* It must be posted up on either or dA
* It must (obviously) contain Shino/TenTen as a major pairing though alternate sidepairings are okay EDIT: From now on I would like to make it clear BOTH Shino and Tenten have to be in the picture.
* It can be any rating, but remember to clearly mark adult stuff
* Fanfiction can be any length
* Fanart can be made with any medium- digital or traditional
* FINAL Deadline is now THE 10TH OF JULY
* You can enter as many times as you like ^__^
* Every entrant will recieve 20 dA points as a thank you for entering!
* When you finish your entry you can either note me/the club a link or leave a message here with the link and I'll add it!


12 months dA subscription and a digital painting done by me (if you want it!)

Runner-up  will get 3 months dA subscription

The third place winner will get 1 month dA subsciption

There will be a special 3 month sub prize for the best fanfiction and also a special 3 month sub prize for the most origanal!

If you are entering the fanfiction side and don't really use dA and win, note me and we will figure out a prize of equiviliant value :)

If you plan on entering, please leave a message on this journal ^__^ I look forward to seeing all your wonderful entries :D Good luck everyone!

Current entries can be found here -…


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